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Sanitary, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Heat Exchangers


Yula offers a wide range of ASME Code double tubesheet heat exchangers specifically designed for sanitary and pharmaceutical heating and cooling. Our specialized equipment, trained technicians, and over 90 years of experience enable us to provide the highest quality heat exchangers with these important features:


  • Highly polished stainless steel surfaces handcrafted in progressive stages to your specified finish, even to 10 Ra. or better, with electropolishing when requested. We provide profilometer-certified finishes and video borescopic tube inspection when required.

  • Fully drainable exchangers which are easy to steam clean and sterilize while in place.

  • Double tubesheet construction for contamination protection and easy leak detection.

  • Unique one-piece milled-out billet heads with pass partitions sloped for drainage, ASME Code-approved sanitary fittings and gasketless O-ring design. Compact and durable, these heads contain only two polished welds.

  • Tubes seal-welded to tubesheet using automatic orbital TIG welding, then mechanically polished and tested to provide crevice-free surfaces.

  • Glass bead blasting and other external finishes.

  • Insulation with TIG-welded and polished stainless steel jacketing.

  • Extensive shipment preparation that includes hot citric acid solution cleaning, purified water rinsing, air drying, capping of openings and shrink wrapping.

Each sanitary heat exchanger ships with the Yula Quality Control Package providing all necessary documentation required for FDA validation.

Industries served

High Purity
Food processing
Beverage production

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